Therapies - Yoga Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the name of an interesting medicinal system of Indian origin, this word means knowledge about life (ayur = life and veda = knowledge). The earliest descriptions of this striking medicinal code are from before 5000ac.

In this work, with the help of vegetable oils, aromas, hands, feet, breath, presence and Love, I seek to open the persons understanding and lead him to perceive his body as the house of the Spirit.

Our body carries in its structure, all the impressions collected throughout life. At some point, we need to get in touch with what is crystallized, feel this depth and re-form ourselves. This is the moment we die for the old man! Our body no longer wants the burden and we are ready, through the call of pain, to change, to be reborn.

The massage that I do, has its heart in the traditional Yoga Massage of the Indian mistress Kusum Modak. However, since she is alive, she relies on the experience of thousands of hours of service, proving to be a peculiar job. With the oil slides and the opening maneuvers and stretches, the muscles are released, releasing the skeleton and harmonizing the joints (the 13 main joints that have in their structures, meeting points between Body, Mind and Spirit).

The ayurvedic system aims to put us in harmony with nature. He assumes that man is an integral part of it, so if he is disconnected from nature he will surely be disrespecting his organism, thus favoring the onset of diseases, that balance with nature is specific from person to person, it depends on which psychobiophysical type You re Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

The benefits are: emotional release, free flow of vital energy, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, complete breathing, postural alignment, deep relaxation and body awareness. Helps combat depression, panic disorder, fibromyalgia and insomnia among others.

Session duration: 01:30 hrs

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