Therapies - Relaxing and Energetic Massage

There are those who say that the secret of relaxation lies in the ability to keep a quiet mind free of worry. As it is not so simple to remain with this state of mind, nothing more practical than resorting to a relaxing energetic massage. "Alternating between movements now more vigorous, now softer, massage acts deeply at the points of greatest tension.

Even before the session starts, the environment is left in the light, away from noise and with a song that pleases the patient. It is common to use relaxing oils and, if appropriate, aromas that bring feelings of peace and well-being. "The important thing is to create an atmosphere in which the patient feels at ease. In order to calm body and mind, the technique can still alleviate pain and stress caused by stress.

Often, energy-relieving massage is sought to combat psychic problems such as irritability, lack of concentration and fear. There are no contraindications. People of all ages can receive this type of massage.

Session duration: 60 minutes

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