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Bhandula means Charming, and was born of an ancient dream of UNITE ...
The body is the temple of the soul, like all temples it must be clean, light, with positive and sacred vibrations. We are all interconnected by the great web of life ... then, I desire to you, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


At the 50 Minute Relaxing Massage Sessions, get a Reiki session!

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Terapia Tântrica - Resgate do Poder Pessoal

Terapia Tantrica - Resgate do Poder ...

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Yoga Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the name of an interesting medicinal system of Indian origin, that word means knowledge ...

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Candle Massage (Massage with candles)

The candle massage technique uses a special wax prepared with essential and aromatic oils to ...

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Relaxing and Energetic Massage

There are those who say that the secret of relaxation lies in the ability to keep a quiet mind free ...

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Therapy Reiki

Reiki is an oriental word meaning Universal Life Energy. The term Reiki has been applied to a ...

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Massage YMA

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Massage YMA

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Bhandula Massage and Complementary Therapies.

About me...

My name is Telma Cristina, paulistana, holistic therapist, trained in YMA Ayurvedic Massage Yoga, by the traditional Holistic Humaniversity school in São Paulo.

An ancient, sophisticated massage, recognized not only in India but throughout the world! The most complete massage work that exists, treats the individual (not the illness) as a whole, in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. It brings balance, peace, vital energy and health and longevity.

I am a reikiana level III spiritualist, shamanic, student and practitioner of hatha yoga and of the project Small Yogis. Since 2008 in a relaxing and energetic massage course at Senac, a moment without pretensions but great discoveries, things began to happen and life was taking me to this path that I began to tread and that I am until now almost 10 years later. .

In the therapeutic sessions, I perform my work with serenity, love and excellence, respecting the limits of each one ... each person has its essence, its history, its records.

Enjoy the way you feel most comfortable. You can meditate, rest, energize, connect, renew all your energy!

Whatever therapy you bring here will be very welcome!

Mitakuye Oyasin

For all the relationships!

Mantra of the Hands

At the beginning of the hand is Lakshimi, the Goddess of Wealth. In the middle of the palm lives Sarasvati, the Goddess of Wisdom
At the end of the hands live the Gods Shiva and Krishna. So every morning when you wake up, look first at your hands and thank
Tell Namaste to the Gods who live there


Get to know our courses and extend your knowledge of these millenarian therapies.

Massage Sensitive Relaxing

In this course we will deepen the knowledge of Sensitive Massage, a powerful technique to develop our perception and bioelectric sensibility, and teach our body that it is able to generate and retain energy. Thus we open space so that the body can manifest all the conditions that are already trapped in the emotional anatomy…

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Yoga Ayurvedic Massage - Kusum Modak Method - Individual or group

Touching is caring, caring, intimacy, protection, or it can even be relief from some inconvenience. But because of the cultural orientation we have received, the touching event has become a taboo, allowing yourself to touch and be touched fully are things that have lost their naturalness…

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In this session you will always find a new article to expand your knowledge.

Do you know what Doshas are?

There are many woods to explain the functioning of the body and the human mind. The Western biomedical model explains them mainly through physiology and biochemistry. In Indian Medicine, these concepts are somewhat different: they are integrally grounded in the theory of the five basic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

For Ayurveda everything in the universe is formed from these elements, such as the human being, plants and foods ...

Preferential location of the 5 elements in the human body Man is considered ...

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Dosha VATA (ether + air)

About doshas, ​​VATA profile (ether and air), physical characteristics, power, profile and imbalances. The Vata type individual has a light and flexible structure…

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Dosha PITTA (fire + water)

It is of the medium type in stature and structure although some individuals may be slender with a delicate appearance. They rarely gain or lose much weight…

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