Courses - Yoga Ayurvedic Massage - Kusum Modak Method - Individual or group


Touching is caring, caring, intimacy, protection, or it can even be a relief from some entanglement.

But because of the cultural orientation we received, the touching event became a taboo, allowing yourself to play and be touched fully are things that have lost their naturalness.

In this training course will be transmitted the technique that was developed by the wonderful Indian teacher Kusum Modak, who joined the ancient technique of ayurveda with the benefits of yoga postures.

Originally from India, Ayurvedic massage is a powerful technique that activates circulation, breathing and vital energy, associating massage with yoga stretches and stretches. The result is a deep well-being and body-soul integration.

This course is lean and 100% practical. It is aimed at health professionals or the like, who are looking for a method that offers an effective tool in the area of ​​well being and human balance.

Course Duration: 1 weekend

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