Publications - Do you know what Doshas are?

There are many woods to explain the functioning of the body and the human mind. The Western biomedical model explains them mainly through physiology and biochemistry. In Indian Medicine, these concepts are somewhat different: they are integrally grounded in the theory of the five basic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

For Ayurveda everything in the universe is formed from these elements, such as the human being, plants and foods ...

Preferential location of the 5 elements in the human body Man is considered the microcosm of nature, since the five basic elements present in all matter also exist within each individual.

The Ether element relates to space. In our body it is also present in the voids that make us up.

The Ar element is the second cosmic element, the space in motion and presents itself in the physiological movements.

The third element is Fire. The source of fire and light in the cosmos is the Sun. In the human body the source of fire and light are, respectively, metabolism and perception.

Water is the fourth element. They are the bodily fluids and the "vehicle" driven by the air.

The Earth appears as the fifth element. In the human body it is the earth that gives us this form, constituting our dense structures: bones, cartilage, nails, muscles, skin, hair ...

If the five elements are the basic "ingredients" of matter, different proportions of them may form different "recipes." Thus, human beings can, according to the proportion of the five elements present in their constitution, be embedded in three main groups:

This concept is called the Tri-Dosha theory, or Doshas theory and serves as a rationale for all therapeutic practices and studies of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Each dosha manifests itself differently and has specific attributes and qualities. These characteristics are who will define the personality, the metabolism, the physical and psychic structure and all the relation that the person has with the external world.

Dosha can be considered our energy DNA and as such can not be altered during life.