Publications - Dosha PITTA (fire + water)


It is of the medium type in stature and structure although some individuals may be slender with a delicate appearance. They rarely gain or lose much weight. Their muscular development is moderate and they are usually physically stronger than the Vata. The eyes are clear and may be greyish, green, coppery and prominent. This individual tends to have rosy, flushed skin and may have red hair that tends to be silky. Pitta may become precociously gray or bald, and may have a large, beautifully bald head!

Signs and freckles are common in Pitta skin, which tends to be oily, lukewarm and less wrinkled than the skin of a Vata. The teeth are pointed, slightly yellowish and the gums tend to bleed.

The Pitta's normal temperature is slightly high and the feet and hands are usually hot and sweaty. The Pitta feels comfortable in a temperature where Vata and Kapha are already cold. Pitta perspires even when the temperature is not too high. A Vata does not perspire even in extreme heat. Its perspiration usually has strong odor of sulfur and acid, mainly in the feet, where it can have bad smell.


Pitta has a strong appetite, metabolism and digestion. It consumes large amounts of food and drink and produces large amounts of feces and urine, which tend to be yellowish and soft. When you are in imbalance, you want hot and spicy dishes that are not suitable for your biotype. The indicated flavors are the mildly sweet, bitter and astringent. When you feel hungry, you need to eat soon, otherwise you may be irritated and hypoglycemic.


The word Pitta derives from the Sanskrit word Tapa, which means austere, inflamed. Pitta has little tolerance to hot temperature, sunlight or heavy physical labor. Although Pitta is "hot" the sexual appetite is not very strong and can use sex to release his anger.

Pitta is intelligent, alert, sharp, acidic and has great power of understanding and concentration. The intellect is penetrating and the memory is sharp, logical, investigative and argumentative. He is voracious for knowledge and has great leadership and organizational skills. Has strong administrative ability and likes to be in a leadership position. He is a good planner, ambitious and disciplined. Aggressive by nature, it easily takes on situations. He also tends to politics because he has strong charisma and other people are attracted to him.

Intensity is the main characteristic of the Pitta type that tends to be ambitious, frank, daring and prone to being argumentative or jealous. Perfectionist clings to the details of the process, losing the focus or the sensitivity of perceiving the positive results. Pitta may think his mission is to "save the world." He likes to delve deeply into problems and find solutions. Your head is always working and the search for solutions to problems and puzzles of any kind is an attraction. He also tends to be a good speaker.

The Pitta is nocturnal, getting alert around midnight and likes to read or study late. He is attracted by noble professions such as medicine, engineering, law and by situations of physical and mental competition. Therefore, you should avoid one-to-one competition activities.

It is organized and usually programs the routine of those around you. A Pitta's room is always clean and tidy, the clothes are tidied up in their proper places, the shoes are in order and the books are arranged according to thickness or other set system.

He has a tendency to be precise in his plans, which helps him to reach the objectives. You should avoid being so hard and investing time in doing things without a specific goal just for the sake of doing them. Relaxing walks are indicated and you should avoid competitive sports. Being exposed to moonlight is an excellent softener for the Pitta type.

The Pitta is somehow wise and brilliant, but can also become controlling and domineering, with a tendency to comparison, aggression, judgment, meticulousness, and perfectionism. Everything has to be done on time and properly! He never gives up his principles, and sometimes he tends to fanaticism and criticism, especially when the dosha is aggravated. If there is no one else to criticize, Pitta will criticize and judge himself.

But the combative side of Pitta need not express itself in an extravagant or coarse manner. When balanced, Pitta people are warm, caring and satisfied. It is extremely Pitta to have a determined gait, to feel extremely hungry if the meal delayed half an hour, to wake up at night feeling thirsty, to live in function of the clock and to resent to wasting the time.

Pitta's life span is moderately long. This individual spends a lot of vital energy with too much mental activity, perfectionism, aggressiveness, and the incessant quest for success. He has deep fear for failure, does not accept words no and failure and can become highly stressed. It's the workaholic type.

Pitta strives for material success and prosperity. However, it spends more than it accumulates. He likes to live in luxurious homes and drive chic cars, to use good perfumes, jewelry, stones, and other items to display his goods.


The Pitta dosha governs digestion and metabolism and is responsible for all the biochemical transformations that occur in the body. It is also closely involved with the production of hormones and enzymes. The Pitta in the body is likened to the principle of fire in nature - it burns, transforms, and digests.

A large number of factors can aggravate Pitta. One is to simply eat very spicy foods, including black pepper, cayenne and curry. Also not indicated are acid fruits and wine, yogurts and smoke. Eating fried foods and fatty foods such as peanut butter can generate nausea and headache. Working near the fire or under the sun also aggravates the dosha.

Pitta diseases are often related to the principles of fire and heat such as fever, inflammation, acid indigestion, excessive hunger, jaundice, profuse perspiration, rashes, burning sensations, ulcers, burning eyes, colitis and inflammation of the throat. All are inflammation-like disorders and caused by Pitta excess, which is also susceptible to sunburn.

Summer is the hardest time. Damp heat can easily cause imbalance. Body heat increases and makes you more susceptible to diseases and imbalances. You may also feel angry, agitated and angry. The sharp mind can become hypercritical and judgmental. Jealousy, envy and greed can be awakened. Pitta needs to be cold!

Pitta sleep is of medium duration, but uninterrupted and deep. Lifting at night to urinate and feeling thirsty are signs of imbalance. The Pitta is eager for knowledge and likes to read before bed, but often sleeps with the book on his chest.

The Pitta woman tends to menstruate early, possibly before the age of 10. The symptoms of PMS include swelling in the breasts and burning sensation when urinating.

The dosha tends to carry vital energy into the mind. Therefore, overuse of the mind can be harmful and aggravating.

Main characteristics:

- Medium physical constitution, good musculature and circulation and good lubrication of skin and joints;
- Medium strength and resistance;
- Walking with determined steps;
- Very hungry, very thirsty and good digestion;
- Tendency to anger and irritability under tension;
- Light or pinkish skin, often freckled;
- Aversion to sun and heat;
- Entrepreneurial character, appreciates the challenges;
- Sharp intelligence;
- Speaks precise and articulate;
- You can not skip meals;
- Blonde hair, brown or red (or with reddish nuances) and tendency to turn gray very early;
- Blonde hair, brown or red (or with reddish nuances) and tendency to turn gray very early;
- Entrepreneurial temperament, like challenges;
- Ambitious, irritable, excessive heat, argumentative;
- Warm and ardent in emotions, when balanced;
- Abundant sweating and odor on the body;
- Reacts to the world visually;
- Living by the clock and detest wasting time;
- Wake up at night feeling hot and thirsty;
- Take charge of a situation or feel that you should do it;
- Other people sometimes find him too demanding, sarcastic or critical.
Pitta must in its day-to-day:
- Practice relaxation, surrender, forgiveness, kindness, be cool;
- Seek goals without pushing and overcharging oneself;
- To prefer constructive criticism in the place of confrontation;
- Practice exercises and non-competitive activities;
- Stay calm;
- External activities with challenge, contact with nature;
- Avoid excessive heat;
- Avoid excess oil;
- Avoid getting angry and angry;
- Limit salt consumption;
- Eat refreshing, non-spicy foods;
- Exercise in the coolest part of the day;
- Practicing the actual delivery, letting life happen.